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Elizabeth Angeles


Celebrating Advocacy and Education

Mar 25, 2021
Elizabeth Angeles

Celebrating Advocacy and Education

My friend Elizabeth and I met volunteering together at the YWCA of New York City. I was immediately drawn in by Elizabeth’s passion for service and smart thoughtful contributions to our strategic planning. In this episode, Elizabeth answers the question for us, what is an emergency? We talk about advocacy, education, being in touch with those you serve, and her participation as a founding board member of the Bold Charter School in the Bronx.

Elizabeth Angeles is currently the Senior Director of Advocacy at the United Way of New York City, a nonprofit organization that fights for the health, education and financial stability of every New Yorker. Prior to this work, in her role at the Clinton Foundation, Elizabeth developed new initiatives to support disaster recovery and long-term resilience in the Caribbean. She was previously a founding member of the Strategy and Program Development team at NYC Emergency Management. During her time with the agency, she developed partnerships with organizations that serve people with disabilities, designed programs to support community emergency planning, and implemented parts of the agency's first strategic plan. Elizabeth serves as a founding trustee at BOLD Charter School, a new elementary school in the Bronx. She is also currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Public Service at New York University. Elizabeth holds a BA in economics and linguistics from Columbia University and an MPA from New York University.

Challenge- How will you educate yourself this week?




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