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Collaborating with EverTrue Studios

I'm excited to announce that I've been selected as an initial contributer with EverTrue Studios, a publishing network with exclusive original content created with Fundraisers in mind.

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Making an impact for the industry that drives impact

EverTrue launched as a technology platform to empower Fundraisers with the best data, software, and strategies to not just break through, but engage, nurture, and retain your highest value relations. Since their partnership with ThankView, they've increased their video communication offerings and stayed on the forefront of the industry for communicating with Donors as the landscape of communication changes.

In the spirit of continuing to move our industry forward, EverTrue is launching EverTrue Studios; a publishing network with exclusive content created and curated specifically with Fundraisers in mind.

I'm honored to be included in the initial round of creators contributing to this push in our industry. You can check out more creators on the EverTrue Studios website.

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